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Hey babes + dudes –

I’m Cheyenne, the creator of this boudoir inspiration publication. And Then She Blushed is a project that has been swimming around my head and floating around my notebooks for years. Finally, we’re bringing it to fruition.

ATSB is a place for photographers to draw inspiration from other photographers. It’s a place for women, men, and couples to find boudoir photographers they may want to work with. It’s a sanctuary for those of us who find the raw, undeniable beauty in women, men, and couples’ boudoir. It’s for those of us who just love what we do. Those of us who live for it.

I’m proud to announce that my bad ass babe of a friend, Megan Saul, has hopped on board and is going to be another voice on ATSB. She and I are working very hard to bring you some of the most beautiful, emotionally charged boudoir imagery from photographers all around the world. We’ll also be sharing posts on self love (you know I can’t do anything without a throwing self love into the mix), outfit inspiration, tips for boudoir photographers, and tips for those of you who are looking to be photographed by a boudoir photographer.

Megan and I are a couple-a wild + free chicks who met over a year ago. The moment I saw Megan, she jumped into my arms and held onto me with the other hand waving around in the air…The rest is history. Even though we’re miles and miles away from each other, we have dreamt up so much bad assery for ATSB. And Then She Blushed is BACK. We can’t WAIT to officially relaunch this Spring with a new look + feel, and with a whole bunch of the raddest boudoir photographers in our corner. You with us or naw?

Here’s a little bit more about C+M:

CheyenneCheyenne Gil of Philadelphia is a one of the creators of the boudoir inspiration blog, And Then she Blushed. She

Cheyenne is a beauty + boudoir photographer (/mermaid/gypsy) born and raised in the Philadelphia area. She’s got a pup named Penny who she loves so much it hurts. Other things she loves so much it hurts: Burritos, pizza, cheesesteaks, Mark Wahlberg, jewelry and boudoir. BOUDOIR. Boudoir is her life. It’s the reason for her existence. Her heart bursts with inspiration and joy every time there’s a woman in front of her lens. Cheyenne specializes in helping women feel comfortable in their own skin. She also specializes in dancing in her underwear.






Megan Saul of Chicago, IL is one of the bad ass babes behind the boudoir inspiration blog And Then she blushedMegan is a Chicago based wedding + boudoir photographer. She’s a 4’10” fire cracker – a bad-to-the-bone babe who loves cats + Christmas. She’s driven by the emotional connections between people, and the connections she makes with her subjects 1:1. She captures light unlike any other. Raw and beautiful, her images will captivate you and leave you wanting more.






Wellppp, you know who we are, now we want to hear from you. We’re currently accepting submissions!

If you have a boudoir session (woman, man, or couple) that you think would fit in here at ATSB, we’re now accepting submissions. Also be sure to head over to our Facebook page and submit an image on our wall for a chance to be selected as a weekly favorite.

Much love, my friends.

Cheyenne + Megan

Jenn of Reveal sent in this beautiful Boudoir Session. How gorgeous are these? The perfect combination of sexy and sweet!

“I have been shooting boudoir for almost 2 years. I have been working on creating my style and I really love the softer and more sweet side of boudoir. I shoot in a 300 sq ft shoot, all natural light. I am all about simplicity with boudoir. Give me a couch or an air mattress, a few blankets and I am very happy photographer! This session was done for a Valentine’s promo. Haily is an old friend of mine and she was all up for coming in and doing this for me! We had such a great time, exploring new poses and really getting a connection. Some women may feel that boudoir is all about being skinny and sexy, but I think it’s for anyone who wants beautiful photos! I am excited to really stretch out and photograph as many women as possible, showing them how beautiful they really are! I hope you enjoy this session!”

So, enjoy.

Loving this Outdoor Boudoir Session sent in by Brittany of Brittany Alies Photography! Beautiful golden hour light!



“I am a Portrait and Wedding photographer. I am currently located in Florida but I will be relocating to the freezing cold in Northern Michigan in 2 weeks. My client really wanted to do an outside boudoir session to give to her fiance as a wedding gift. This was my very first boudoir session, and to top it off it was outside, so needless to say I was in Heaven!!! I love these sessions and will be offering them more often and will be planning to add them to my wedding price lists for brides:)

The location was amazing! We picked a local hunting reserve, and thankfully the day we planned on doing the session, no one was there! We found some old bushes they looked awesome so we used those in several photos! They look pretty but they were very prickly. We then drove further into the preserve and found a HUGE mountain of white clay! Yes ladies, CLAY! And the sun was in perfect position, as if it knew I wanted it there!

I truly enjoyed this session, and I hope you enjoy viewing it as well!”





Nicole of Two Danes Photography sent in this beautiful real Boudoir Session!

Check out her blog here: . Her Boudoir studio, White Lilac Boudoir, will be launching this Spring!

“I’d been wanting to shoot an outdoor boudoir session for a while and, in the week before Christmas in Colorado, I had a chance.  Everything was perfect, the client and I met beforehand to go over lingerie choices and everything she had fit perfectly with my vision.  I really couldn’t have asked for a better lady to work with!

The only downfall that day was the wind.  Anyone that has experienced Colorado wind can vouch for this girl’s toughness.  The sun was shining warmly but the wind was vicious at times.  Still, she toughed it out and the result was well worth it!

In the sessions since, I’ve decided to not just have boudoir as a side project.  I’ve fallen in love with making ladies feel as stunningly feminine as they really are.  I’m excited to launch White Lilac Boudoir, a division of Two Danes Photography, my family work, this spring.”



Leave some loves, babes.


This cozy Boudoir Session makes me want to cuddle up in bed in my undies all day – Megan of Megan Saul Photography brings us this lovely session.

Megan – “Sarah’s boudoir session was purely amazing. The light in her apartment hit her at all the perfect angles and at the right times. I’m primarily a wedding and portrait photographer. I’ve shot a few boudoir sessions here and there but I have recently taken up an interest in boudoir as more of my brides have reached out to me for sessions. I have fallen in love with. Sarah is flawless and we the perfect subject for me to dive in to with.”