Two Danes Photography | Featured Boudoir Session

Nicole of Two Danes Photography sent in this beautiful real Boudoir Session!

Check out her blog here: . Her Boudoir studio, White Lilac Boudoir, will be launching this Spring!

“I’d been wanting to shoot an outdoor boudoir session for a while and, in the week before Christmas in Colorado, I had a chance.  Everything was perfect, the client and I met beforehand to go over lingerie choices and everything she had fit perfectly with my vision.  I really couldn’t have asked for a better lady to work with!

The only downfall that day was the wind.  Anyone that has experienced Colorado wind can vouch for this girl’s toughness.  The sun was shining warmly but the wind was vicious at times.  Still, she toughed it out and the result was well worth it!

In the sessions since, I’ve decided to not just have boudoir as a side project.  I’ve fallen in love with making ladies feel as stunningly feminine as they really are.  I’m excited to launch White Lilac Boudoir, a division of Two Danes Photography, my family work, this spring.”



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