Brittany Alies Photography | Featured Session

Loving this Outdoor Boudoir Session sent in by Brittany of Brittany Alies Photography! Beautiful golden hour light!



“I am a Portrait and Wedding photographer. I am currently located in Florida but I will be relocating to the freezing cold in Northern Michigan in 2 weeks. My client really wanted to do an outside boudoir session to give to her fiance as a wedding gift. This was my very first boudoir session, and to top it off it was outside, so needless to say I was in Heaven!!! I love these sessions and will be offering them more often and will be planning to add them to my wedding price lists for brides:)

The location was amazing! We picked a local hunting reserve, and thankfully the day we planned on doing the session, no one was there! We found some old bushes they looked awesome so we used those in several photos! They look pretty but they were very prickly. We then drove further into the preserve and found a HUGE mountain of white clay! Yes ladies, CLAY! And the sun was in perfect position, as if it knew I wanted it there!

I truly enjoyed this session, and I hope you enjoy viewing it as well!”





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